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CiderPress v4.1.0 for macos (373.2MB)

faddenSoft, LLC: http://a2ciderpress.com/

“CiderPress provides the features that Apple II enthusiasts need to manage their disk and file archives.  Open them, view their contents, and copy files between them.  There are other programs that provide access to disk and file archives, but none have as many features or support as many formats as CiderPress.”

This is a version of CiderPress v4.1.0 that has been packaged for Apple Mac users with WineSkin to create a self contained app to run the Windows version on Intel or Apple Silicon Macs. (Download 373.2MB)

To access your Mac’s drive, from CiderPress, select the Z: Drive and drill down to the location your looking for.

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  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!! I can’t tell you how much it means to run CiderPress without my crappy PC laptop. Many more Thanks !

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